Foodie Café

[foo-dee ka-fey]

n. The only authentic Southern Californian styled café you need in your neighbourhood.

Affordable Deli, Priceless Memory.

Who are we

Our chef

Foodie Café is a Southern California styled restaurant located in the center of Downtown Vancouver. We are well known for our exceptional service and quality food selection. Whether you are a sport enthusiast or comfort food fan, you can have the best off-work leisure here.

We are a group of food enthusaiast hoping to bring people joy through our food. Our menu is specially designed for customers with special needs. Every dish on the menu has a information section that lists out the nutritional value and allergy alert. If you have any particular allergies, please let us know when you order.


100% Fresh Food Everyday

fresh vegetable

All of our ingredients are supplied daily by local organic farms. We want everyone to enjoy the authentic aroma of fresh food. Any leftovers of the day are donated to the food bank. Our objective is to create zero waste without compromizing the quailty of the food.


Festive Menu

Our chef

There is nothing better than being served seasonal ingredients. We change our menu regularly to ensure you get a surprise at each visit. For major festivals such as Thanks Giving and Christmas, we even have secret menu. Don't like particular food? You have the flexibility in customizing your order.

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